Amino Acid (Protein Hydrolysate)


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Product : Amino Acid (Protein Hydrolysate)

Product Code : K054

Information on Papain

Papain, which is also known as “Papaya Proteinase”, is a Cysteine Protease enzyme present in Papaya. Papain is a single-chained polypeptide with three disulfide bridges and a sulphohydryl group necessary for the activity of the enzyme.

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Synthesis / Manufacturing Process of Papain

Papain is produced from the Plant Latex. Latex is quickly processed, so that all its enzymatic activity is restored. After the processing of Latex is completed, the product is spray dried to get the desired product. The process is carried out in controlled conditions to prevent bacterial contamination during the process.

Specifications of PAPAIN :

Product Name


Product Code


Product Category

Amino Acid / Protein Hydrolysate


White to Light Yellow coloured powder.


Typical Papain Odour,


4.5 – 6.5.

Proteolytic Analysis

100 TU/mg.


25 Kg. HDPE Bags / Drums.

Storage Conditions

Store the product in cool & dry place (2.0 - 8.0 °C)

Uses / Application of Papain

Papain is widely used in Pharmaceutical Application, Food & Beverages, Cosmetic Industry, Brewing Industry, Leather application, etc.

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