Chelated Micronutrients Series.

Humic Acid Powder.

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Chelated Micronutrients Series

Product : Humic Acid Powder.

Product Code : M013

Information of Humic Acid Powder

Humic Acid is obtained by extraction of lignite or brown coal or leonardite and is used as a soil conditioner. Humic Acid is insoluble in water. It can be further treated to get Potassium Humate & Fulvic Acid. Humic Acid mainly consist of Humic substance. It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter in the soil such as lignin. It is a complex mixture of variety of different acids.

Specifications of Humic Acid Powder :


Humic Acid.


Dark Blackish Powder


Insoluble In Water.

Humic Acid content

70.0% Min. (on Dry Basis)


15.0% Max.

Sulphated Ash

13.0% Max.

Packing 25 Kg. HDPE Bags.

Uses / Application of Humic Acid Powder.

• Increases yield and improve quality of plants.
• Improves nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots & reduces nutrient losses.
• Improves the effectiveness of micronutrients.
• Improves nutrient uptake by the root system.
• Promotes root development.
• Improves the soil structure.

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